Birth to School Age Children (0-6 years)

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Jungle Bubs - Birth to 24 months

Our focus in the nursery room is to ensure that our bubs are given their meals, required milk, sleep one to one time and being cared for accordingly to their needs to develop their milestones. Our Educator will be caring for the bubs and meeting their needs. Parents have a communication book to record their meals and sleeping pattern and at the end of every day you will receive a copy of your child’s meals, sleep, nappies and general information for individual children.


  • Building on relationships and feeling comfortable with career
  • Building on confidence attempting  to explore their soundings
  • Building on language by beginning to utter one-word ‘sentences’ or gestures
  • Building on gross motor development by walking alone in a ‘tottering’ way
  • Learning how to be choice makers and choose activities of interest
  • Learning how to manipulate toys such as stacking blocks or putting things in and out of a container
  • Learning how to share and take turns
  • Learning how to seats self in a child’s chair
  • Building on concentration listening to a story or singing a song
  • Learning how to comprehend simple questions and follow instructions
  • Learning to eat and drink independently using cups and utensils
  • Learning how to not ‘lose control’ of self when tired or frustrated:
  • Learning how to play alongside other peers, doing what they do, but without seeming to interact with them.
  • Learning how to go to sleep in the cot  without needing assistance

Caterpillar Toddlers - 2 to 3 years

Our caterpillars work towards developing their current and new skills to get them ready for the Exploring Butterflies. This means our program is focused on social and emotional, self-help, language, cognitive and physical development.   Our structure in this room allows flexibility to learn to be independent learners and to be able to achieve self-help skills as well as group skills to allow them to focus learning experiences.


  • Building on relationships with career and peers
  • Building on confidence in the learning program
  • Building on language skills using short sentinces and guestures
  • Building on gross motor development with control
  • Learning how to be choice makers and choose activities
  • Learning how to manipulate tools such as pencils and brushes
  • Building on concentration to complete tasks
  • Learning how to follow instructions
  • Learning how to share and take turns
  • Learning to eat and drink independently
  • Learning how to interact and express themselves
  • Developing toileting skills and personal hygiene


Exploring Butterflies - 3 to 4 years

Our exploring butterflies are provided many opportunities to develop those skills needed in preparation for our structured preschool room.  This room focus is more on turn taking, extending on skills that have already been developed and express needs and wants through clear expressive language.  Many planned experiences are preschool focused at the level of the child’s learning abilities.  This allows smaller groups to work on areas in preparation for preschool room in preparation for School.


  • Showing empathy and caring for others
  • Building confidence in group and individual situations
  • Encourage clear expressive language
  • Extend on gross motor development
  • Encourage child choice in learning experiences
  • Developing control when using tools such as pencils and scissors
  • Developing writing skills in a variety of literacy experiences
  • Concentrating requiring memory recall and problem solving
  • Cooperation  skills  and follows instructions
  • Developing sharing and take turniong
  • Encouraging negotiating skills
  • Ability to feed themselves during meal times using utensils if needed
  • Developing independence with personal belongings
  • If requiring a sleep requiring no adult assistance
  • Encouraging personal hygiene
  • Developed toileting skills

Preschool Sunshines - 4 to 5 years


Our focus in this room is to ensure we deliver a preschool program that prepares your child for transitioning to school.  The preschool room children are transitioned in preparation for a kindergarten class room.  Our resources, environment and teacher’s tools will be reflecting that, children will be extending on their written, oral and group time skills.  Confidence and social skills will also be a large focus as this has proven to be the area of great demand when transitioning to school.


  • Being empathetic to others and helping others
  • Building on public speaking through show and tell and discussions
  • Expressing and explaining situations
  • Developing spatial awareness and body control
  • Working in groups, communicating with positive team work
  • Working independently in groups without adult guidance
  • Developing writing skills through work sheets and creative literacy
  • Developing computer awareness with choice of learning programs
  • Problem solving, reasoning and intellectual challenging
  • Negotiating on an individual and group level
  • Expressing needs and wants without adult assistant
  • Responsible of personal belongings
  • Requiring no sleep

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